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Article: Pimple Patches: What are those & Are they worth the hype?

Pimple Patches: What are those & Are they worth the hype?

Pimple Patches: What are those & Are they worth the hype?

The best way to deal with breakouts is to prevent them from developing in the first place with a consistent skincare routine and a focus on ingredients that treat the acne you’re most prone to. Still, sometimes a pimple erupts and you need something to calm it down, fast. In those moments, pimple patches are a great option.

What are those?

Generally speaking, pimple patches, which are sometimes referred to as acne healing patches, are small, translucent stickers you adhere to a pimple or breakout. A pimple patch can deliver blemish-busting ingredients quickly and easily.

The most pimple patches contain hydrocolloid as a key ingredient. Basically, hydrocolloid patches gently absorb excess fluids, like pus and oil, from your popped pimple while also protecting your ~wound~ from bacteria, gunk, and your dirty little fingers.

Are the worth the hype?

There a lot of pimple patches. In our opinion, one of them is really live up to the hype: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch.

COSRX Pimple Patches are made from hydrocolloid material, which speeds up the curative process by extracting all the nasty impurities and bacteria trapped inside whiteheads and popped zits, helping flatten breakouts and reduce inflammation faster, all while maintaining the ideal level of hydration. The best part? You can choose between the Acne Pimple Master Patch and the Clear Fit Master Patch. The first one is ideal for overnight treatment, while the second one can be used during the day and even under makeup!

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