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Article: Why do Japanese beauties always look so young?

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Why do Japanese beauties always look so young?

It seems like Japanese beauties never get old. Their skin looks young and healthy. There is no wrinkle on their face. It looks like they've found the secret to young skin. How do they do that?

Unfortunately, they do not have a special remedy for young skin and that does not exist either. Everyone is getting old. The answer to the question is: to slow down the skin aging process. And Japanese beauties start with that at a young age, and not just at the first wrinkle. Then it is also too late. Below we share their three secrets that can also make you look younger.

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J-BEAUTY SECRET # 1 Use mild products

The milder a product, the better. Japanese women avoid products that are "harsh" on your skin. Instead, they prefer to use products with mild formulas and natural ingredients. You have to do with your skin all your life, so be gentle on your skin. If you already damaged your skin at a young age, then the basis for young skin is gone.

That is also the reason why many Japanese skincare products contain few aggressive ingredients. The J-Beauty world prefers to keep it mild. They remove unnecessary ingredients.

For example, the popular product line “Namerake Honpo Soy Milk” from SANA does not contain mineral oil, artificial fragrances or colours. Japanese beauties have been fans of SANA products for many years because they are mild.

J-BEAUTY SECRET # 2 Collagen is awesome

When you are young you have a firm and supple skin. You owe that to collagens. Collagen is a connective tissue that keeps us strong, vibrant and supple from within. Unfortunately, around your late twenties, your body makes less collagen. That means that your skin becomes weaker and your skin looks less tight. Collagen therefore has everything to do with skin aging.

That is why Japanese women use many products that contain collagen, because it keeps their skin young and firm. Use "Kosé Clear Turn White Mask Collagen" to give your skin a collagen boost.


If you want to have young skin, hydration is very important. We are not talking about drinking water, but about moisturizing your skin. With a sheet mask you can give your skin an enormous hydration boost. Japanese women therefore use a lot of sheet masks.

That is also the reason why you cannot buy loose sheet masks in Japan. The sheet masks are usually sold in several pieces, because it is often used. Moreover, buying one sheet mask is usually more expensive (and all those loose packaging is also bad for the environment).

"Saborino Morning Face Mask" are packaged in 32 pcs. Now available in three variants: Fruity Herbal (all skin types), Ripe Fruit (dry skin) and Grapefruit (combination and oily skin).
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