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Article: Why we love J-Beauty

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Why we love J-Beauty

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K-Beauty may have introduced us to the 10-step skincare routine and glass skin, but J-Beauty also has a lot of skincare advice, innovative product developments and unique techniques that take the skincare game to a whole new level.

Don't worry if your knowledge of Japanese beauty culture starts and ends with the sushi menu, we're here to help (you can thank us later).

What is J-Beauty?

Yes, we will spell it out for you. J-Beauty stands for Japanese beauty. "The Japanese beauty philosophy is very close to the health philosophy," said Miyabi Kumagai (Shiseido Brand Manager).

Western culture is more about repairing skin damage after it has already happened, while J-Beauty is more about preventing it. Prevention is paramount for them. Most Japanese start with skin care at a young age, because they believe that beauty lies in healthy skin. You get a good base for healthy skin by starting early. The Japanese do not believe in last minute solutions.

How is J-Beauty different from K-Beauty?

Much of what we see from K-Beauty is 'on-demand' beauty. They are obsessed with instant results and the latest gadgets. That's why all of their skincare products usually have dramatic before and after.

Unlike K-Beauty, J-Beauty is more long-term oriented. "J-Beauty is more about treating your skin with respect and basing the results on scientific research and logic," said Miyabi. A product will never be launched without 100% certainty about its qualities and benefits. J-Beauty is about innovation and long-term reliability.

What distinguishes J-Beauty from Western brands?

The quality of the textures and the performance of the products are much better with Japanese science and technology, especially in moisturizers and SPF (sun care) products. J-Beauty often leads the way with their beauty formulas and science-based skincare products.

J-Beauty distinguishes itself from Western brands by using as few chemical ingredients as possible, such as artificial colors and fragrances. Chemical ingredients are often unnecessary and do more harm than good. Have you noticed that the ingredients list of J-Beauty products is very short? This is because they only use ingredients that really add something to your skin care.

In a nutshell, J-Beauty's focus is on preventing skin damage rather than repairing it. So start on time!


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