LION - Pair Acne Cream W


LION Pair Acne Cream W is a Japanese topical medication that helps treat acne that has caused inflammation and redness. A highly effective treatment through the combined action of anti-inflammatory agent IPPN (Ibuprofen piconol) and antibacterial agent IPMP (Isopropylmethylphenol). This acne cream helps solve problems for people who have problems with red blemishes, comedones, pimples and all types of acne. It helps dissolve germs and kill acne on the face completely with a mixture of natural extracts. 

Acne prone skin | 14 g

It can be used to dab the cream onto acne-prone areas. Or the desired area Or apply the acne area after washing / cleaning the face, the swollen acne will gradually reduce the inflammation.

Usage and Dosage Warnings: (1) Use the product only on the area affected by pimples and acne; do not apply broadly to the surrounding area. (2) Avoid getting the product in the eyes. If the product gets in the eyes, wash immediately with warm or cold water. If irritation or other symptoms are severe, seek treatment from an ophthalmologist.( 3) For administration to children under the supervision and guidance of a guardian or caretaker. (4) For external use only.

Ibuprofen Piconol, Isopropyl MethylphenolStearyl alcohol, Polysorbate 60, Disodium Edetate, Paraben, Diisopropanolamine, Octyldodecanol, 1,3-Butylene Glycol, Carboxyvinyl Polymer, Flavoring

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