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Story of NoticeMe

NoticeMe is a online store based in The Netherlands.


What you radiate, you attract. Your face is a first impression you give, your business card and who you are. That is why the care of your facial skin, or skincare, is extremely important. Your skin is already working day and night to recover. Harmful external influences such as air pollution, can also harm the condition of your skin. That is why your skin can certainly use some support, specifically support from Asia.

Most innovative skincare products are developed in the Asian beauty market. Since there are some barriers to buy those products in Asia, we NoticeMe want to bring those products to you!


The best way to keep your skin healthy and glowing is to start with proper skincare routine. Every skin condition requires separate care and we want to help and inspire you with the Asian skincare products and routines.

We select our skincare products on the basis of ingredients and not on attractive packaging. Your skin only recognizes ingredients and nothing more.

All our products are:

▪ are not tested on animals;
▪ comply with EU regulations;
▪ are made in Japan or South Korea;
▪ come directly from brands or official distributors.

We can guarantee the authenticity of our skincare products, because we always have direct contact with the contact persons of the brands or distributors.