Innisfree - Self Eyebrow Shaping Kit


Innisfree self eyebrow kit helps you easily trim your eyebrows on your own. This kit comes with trimming tools and eyebrow stencils. It is perfect for creating natural eyebrows like a professional makeup artist.

1. Use a spoolie to brush brow hair.
2. Use a razor to trim brows shaving from end to front of brows, the opposite of direction of how your natural brow hair is grown.
3. Use a tweezer to pluck stray hair. Be cautious not to pluck too much hair so that your brows have empty spots.
4. Using a spoolie again to brush brows and use eyebrow scissors to trim any hair out of shape. (Tip: when using eyebrow scissors, having the curvy side up helps.)
5. Using the semi-circle shape brush, remove hair fallen on face, and brush back and forth again with the spoolie.
6. Choose the eyebrow drawing guide that you want, fix the film with your thumb and index finger, and draw from front to middle. Check the end fill in the rest. Repeat for the other brow.

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