SOME BY MI - 30 days Miracle Acne Clear Spot Patch


Clear Spot Patch is a hydrocolloid type that helps the skin to breathe and clearly absorbs fluids from the wounds. Hydrocolloid absorbs fluids on the wounded areas and maintains a humid environment to protect the affected areas from external pollutants and secondary infection.

Don’t worry if it might look too noticeable. It is made with semi-transparent material that features strong adhesive to work well with daily make-up. 
To maintain the hygiene to the patches, each pack is stored in a resealable ziplock closing. This product is designed to be easy to use without oitment.

All skin types || 18 patches, 10 mm (9ea), 12 mm (9ea)

1. Thoroughly clean and dry the area.
2. Separate the patch from the film layer(protective layer) and attach to the wounded area.
3. Replace patch when it swells and turns white due to the absorption of fluids.
4. Attach one patch to the affected area once or several times a day.

Hydrocolloid Adhesive Tape 0,39 mm


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